Short Update

Short and to the point.

I am trying to get over the three-week cold going around, please pray for my complete healing.

Denise and her middle sister are off to Georgia to visit her oldest sister.  Later this week they will travel back by car with their dad.  Please pray for safe travels.

Hannah is back in school after spring break last week.  Pray she gets back in the groove.

Nathan is on spring break on a mission trip in Oregon somewhere.  Pray for safety and whatever ministry they are doing.

There ya go!  A more touchy & feely message next time.


Bad Day? God made Good!!!

Sit back and get ready for a story of God’s providence and Scott’s – something.

Saturday at 6:07, so I am told, I tried to drop off my bag for my 6:30am flight to Florida and was told I was too late.  I knew we were pushing it, but I though I had and extra three min. by their accounting.  So I was late.  My first time on my account.

Frustrated, sleep deprived (not that much really) and fighting a cold or allergies I tried to figure out what to do.  Rebooking meant going tomorrow morning, too late and really expensive.  I was early enough, since Denise had done the online check-in for me, that I could fly and yet had to leave my bag.  I called Denise, but her cell phone was off.  I caught her as she entered the house on the home phone.  So she came back to get me.  I knew a friend was in the area I was going in Florida so I skyped him, but he was busy.

We got home and checked other flight ideas and nothing worked for less than a lot of money.  I finally gave up and started the “I am so sorry, but I missed the flight (be nice Jim)” emails and phone calls to my final destination.  All the calls and emails were sent so I sat down to pray and read the Bible.  Almost immediately I sensed God telling me to call Delta about options.

I finally got a nice representative who “seemed” so concerned (I think he was somewhat, maybe).  He confirmed I could pay almost $900 and fly tomorrow morning.  Not an option on both accounts.  Then I asked if he cancelled my ticket?  Doable for about $850 after fees.  Thanks for noth’n.  Then I asked about refund options, he put me on hold.  He came back and said for $50 I could make the 9:15 flight today, this had always been full.  It was 8:35 so not enough time to get to the airport.  He put me on hold again.  I called the airport with my cell phone and they never answered and their message box was full – wow, really.  At the same time I was hearing the “box is full” message for the second time, a new person came on the line that was on hold.  A ticket agent said things were all set?  Set for what?  Now the 11:30am flight was open and I would get in late tonight.   Seemed too good to be true so I booked it.

I got to the airport – EARLY – for the 11:30 on a different airline.  The ticket agent at the first airline said I didn’t need to pay again for my bag.  Here at the airport I was told I needed to pay again.  But God intervened.  I showed her my original receipt so she waved the cost.  Praise the Lord.

I thanked her for a small blessing on a day I really could use one.   She commented all of my situation was kind of weird, snide remarks deserved by Jim, since I should not have been able to be transferred to their airline.  I then shared with her that I prayed and God clearly wanted me to go today.  She stumbled to confirm it must have been God.  Yea, got a chance to witness about God’s love and providence!  God is awesome!!!  I pray now the simple witness bugs her until she accepts the Lord.  Covert missions strategy, hahah.

Long, but thought it might be fun to get a glimpse into Scott’s sometimes (insert comment Jim) crazy world.

Today’s update.  Made the return flights ok so far, one left to go.  Soon I will be home.  Hurray!!!

Seeking Volunteers for 2012

The team had a bunch, more than four and less than tons, of meetings in southern California.  The primary purpose for the trip was to attend a GOC (Global Outreach Celebration) at Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC), Highland, CA.  IBC is a leading church in both international and national missions.  This annual series of meetings is a cornerstone in their church year.

Please be praying that the Sunday School department which hosted us at IBC will become a long-term partner with our team.

We also visited CBU (California Baptist University) for two primary reasons.  The first was to see our daughter – which was wonderful – and the second was to enlist students for 2012.  Sadly this was a very busy week for all whom I had hoped to meet, but God did provide a way and more meetings are forthcoming.  Please pray a long-term relationship will be established.

Today is a day off and tomorrow on the plane again for Florida.  Yea, more meetings and more possible volunteers.  Please pray my allergies don’t become anything more and for the meetings this weekend through the middle of next week.

Thanks for praying.