Wood Shavings

Summer is officially over. Time to get back to work.
As you saw, I took the summer off for the Wood Shavings. There was no good reason, just felt a break was needed. To some extent, I feel refreshed and ready to hit the road again. Well, and the Wood Shavings.
This summer was great and busy. I attended two summer camps. I was camp pastor for a girls camp and counselor for youth camp. I could do camp two weeks a month every month. I love it. But there is a limit. Without kids or duties I could do it every day.
August was family month. We had two reunions and a week for just Denise, Nathan, Hannah and I. It was great fun until we had to take Hannah to the airport and send her off to college again.
Speaking of Hannah. She is back at California Baptist University and a sophomore. She started classes today and is still in good spirits. She has a busy semester so please pray for her studies.
Denise had six full weeks without homework this summer. (I say it was too little, she said too much and baby bear said it was just right. Yea, bad joke.) She is back at studies and in her last full year. If God continues to work things as we think then she will graduate next May. Please pray for her studies. (It is back to Mr. Househusband for me. I can almost feel your sense of condolence. Please little “dislike mail”, hate mail would be unchristian, ladies. Yea, another bad joke since they are the only kind that I have.)
Nathan will start in a few more weeks as a 5th year senior. He has a few required classes to graduate, but plans to study the full year. He intends to do a second year of Japanese and second year of Physics. Please pray for his studies, a part-time job and with him about the future.
Little OLD me, well, I am looking forward to a busy travel schedule. This weekend I will attend two days of Chaplaincy training, the following week in Texas and the last weekend in central Oregon. October is dominated by a trip for our 25th wedding anniversary to … Hawaii! Yea, hard travel. But it is for meetings – a small part of the time. More on this next month. Please pray that I will stay focused on the Lord and have safe travels.
Enough for now and probably too much, but I hope you don’t mind too much. (A few more muchs, not.)