Wood Shavings

This is a test – hopefully a successful one.

I am so grateful that you have stuck with the Wood Shavings though I have had technical difficulty with the format, i.e. paragraphing, and not been able to add pictures. So I have been slowly, too slowly, looking for a long-term solution. I think I have found a stop-gap solution that should not hinder a near future even more robust system.

If this works well then future Wood Shavings will be much easier to read and more compelling (I hope).

Feedback, suggestions, and comments are always – always welcome. ┬áPlease write me if this doesn’t work for you and please explain in what way.

Thanks for praying.


4 thoughts on “Wood Shavings

  1. Looks good. Nice to see pictures. Emails are fine too as I read them on my phone and file them under Prayer to go over again in my prayer time.

    • Yea, that was when they were building the stadium for the Euro Cup this year. The cranes are gone now, or actually in new locations all over the city. Lots of construction around here.

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