Hi from beautifully sunny and warm Wroclaw (this may be our last day for a while.)

I had a great bicycle ride to 1st Baptist church and back today.  Ok, one embarrassing moment.  At an intersection I slowed to wait for a city bus, but I didn’t see a curb parallel to my path.  Though nearly stopped my front wheel caught on the curb and it sent me to the ground.  No serious damage other than my pride.  I like to think of these all too common experiences as creating memories – not being accident prone.  I have lots of “memories”.

I went to the church for exercise and to get the picture below.  This is the 1st Baptist building and specifically the location for the English school I have told you a little about.  While there I also did a little prayer walking.  Please pray with us for the student’s salvation and teachers spiritual and educational preparation for this school year.  Pray also that God’s will is done at all times and in every way.

English School Door

This is the front door to the English School. The blue and brown sign, in Polish, is for the school.

For now on I intend to send you less than the full Wood Shavings by email.  My idea is that not everyone has time to read my verbosity.  If you wish to read more then choose this link to the rest of TheWoodShavings.org.  There are more pictures also if you choose to visit the webpage.

Thanks for praying.

English School

This is the back of the 1st Baptist Church building and the location for the English School.

God has been leading to more formal plans for the new church.  It is looking like it will be named the International Church of Wroclaw.  This is not my first choice, but I am growing to be more confident this is the right one.

1st Baptist Church Wroclaw

1st Baptist Church Wroclaw

This last Sunday we conducted our first unofficial service.  1st Baptist had plans to move their whole service to a park and would not have English translation.  So we took the opportunity to plan an Praise & Prayer service.  Sadly only one person was able to come, but the three of us had a great time with the Lord.  (More people said they were planning to come, but a Marathon in the city shut down much of the public transportation.)  God never makes mistakes, and we believe He wanted the service to take place, so that evening Denise and I debriefed.  It became clear the service was how God wanted to show us the next step.  Over the next six or so weeks we plan to conduct more Prayer & Praise services on every other Sunday evening.  Please be praying for the next service September 30th.

Please pray for Denise and I as the Lord has sent both of us younger people to disciple.  Denise has been meeting for a few months with Marianna, the same Polish young lady I told you about many months ago.  Last night I met for the first time with Caspar, from the Netherlands.  Pray that all four of us will hear God’s will clearly for our weekly meetings.  Denise and Marianna are doing a formal study, Caspar and I intend to tackle key topical studies from the Bible.

Meeting one-on-one is one of our goals for the new church.  I intend to start rolling out more of the vision for the church in the coming Wood Shavings.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for praying – you who have persevered to the end.

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