Wood Chip

Hello from a conference room in north Prague.  This truly has been one of the most meaningful training meetings I have ever attended.  Essentially it is about being more self-aware and how that can and does impact being a leader.  I am so grateful for some of you who provided meaningful feedback.  I was to invite family, co-workers, and others who know me in leadership situations.  It is going to take me a long time to work through the data and develop a set of goals.  Denise has also attended the training, please pray for both of us as we continue to process the information.

Prayer requests:
For our upcoming Prayer & Praise Sunday afternoon.
Our plans for starting a Sunday morning Bible study in English.
Safety as we travel home on Saturday.

Thanks for praying.

Wood Chip

I have three prayer requests, so there will just be a Wood Chip this week.

Please pray for Andrzej (the Polish version of Andrew).  He is a good friend of mine and neighbor.  Recently we have met often and he continues to be open to spiritual conversations, even seeking them.  Last week I shared the Gospel with him on two different occasions, so please pray for his salvation and further conversations.

Second is for three young women that are staying with us tonight.  They came to Poland with a goal to discover God’s will as they graduate this year.  Pray for their return trip on Saturday, but even more that they will hear the Lord’s will clearly.  One of their options is to come and serve with us, this would be wonderful and Denise and I hope and pray this is so for one or all of them.

Lastly is that Denise and I drive to Prague on Friday or Saturday for a week long leadership conference.  Our goal is to be totally open to all the Lord wants to teach us.  Pray for safe travels and that all of God’s will be done in and through us.

Thanks for praying.


Wood Shavings

So you are curious about my thoughts on Matthew 6:34?  Please don’t get your hopes up too much.

I asked the Lord what He wanted us to study on Saturday and I believe He led me to Matthew 6.  I have been considering verse 34 and the full context from 6:25-34 for a week or so now. The group is led by two wonderful ladies who have been reaching out to adult ladies learning English.  One of the leaders started the Wroclaw Language School, Ruth.  The other is from the states and served here for many years, Rebecca.

I believe I was led to this passage to focus on the word – worry, or more correctly to encourage the ladies not to worry.  Take 10 min. to scan the headlines of nearly any news resource and it is bound to spark anxiety.  (This may even be the point from the media source, but that is another issue.)  Since God made us, He knows our exact needs and tendencies.  I will cut to the chase!  Looking to the future with a perspective not from the Lord will lead to destruction.  I don’t believe Jesus is telling us never to make future plans, but He is telling us we better “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (v33)”.

So my sole resolution is to “seek …”.  I know I will fail regularly, but I will also seek to fight with His strength (Colossians 1:29).

Onto the details for the prayer requests.

I don’t have more I can share about the teacher needing prayer other than she is recovering and we are not sure when she will be back to her normal routine.  Pray that she recovers fully and quickly to the Lord’s glory.

The other teachers, including Denise, are doing a great job substituting.  Please pray for them as none of them really have extra time each week to prepare and teach extra classes.  We have also just learned that a teacher due to return from the states will not be coming back for an additional six months.  This was a heavy blow.  Denise and two other teachers have been substituting for this teacher’s classes.

Thanks for your prayers for the Bible study tomorrow and the one on Saturday.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will not be hindered in any way during each meeting and all preparation.

Sunday night will be our first Prayer & Praise for the International Church this year.  We have quite a few prospects, but it has proven difficult to mobilize them.  Denise and I are also praying about starting an age graded Sunday School each week, probably starting February.  Please pray for wisdom, insight and understanding if this is God’s will.

God is blessing our language studies.  Though we did not studies for nearly three weeks, we didn’t loose anything and even seem to be improving more quickly.  Our prayers are being answered.  Also, we have recently had great spiritual conversations with out tutor.  Pray they continue.

Thanks for praying.

Wood Chip

Hi again.  Getting back into the groove and looking forward to a great year following the Lord.  The Bible makes it clear to focus on today and let tomorrow take care of itself, Matthew 6:34 (God take care of it literally), but how easy is it to literally live this verse?  This is a question to be deeply sought.  I will leave the answer for you to come from the Lord.  More from me on the issue in the Wood Shavings, check it out by choosing the bold test above.

Thanks for praying for Hannah’s traveling home.  She arrived safely and back into studies.

Please pray for these upcoming events and needs:
One of the teachers at the Language School is recovering from surgery.
Denise and the other teachers are substituting until she returns.
I lead a Bible study with the teaching staff at the Language School tomorrow.
I lead a Bible study Saturday evening for ladies learning English.
Prayer & Praise Sunday afternoon
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
Language studies for Denise and I.

Thanks for praying.

First 2013 Wood Chip

Happy New Year

I trust you had an exciting time welcoming the New Year.

We went to Prague and had a great time.  Hannah had a school reunion and the rest of the time was fun with friends.  The reunion was for any of the 28 graduates of the Christian International School of Prague, 11 were able to come.  We brought in the New Year on a rooftop overlooking Prague with about 30 of our mission family.  There was one especially exciting moment when one of the shooting Roman Candles fell over after being lit and shot randomly around the flat roof.  Thankfully there were no injuries.

As for most of us this is a time to make “resolutions” we may or may not get around to fulfilling.  As I was thinking about this situation in preparation for speaking at a ladies group later in the month, I started to pray.  I asked what I was supposed to share.  God led me to Matthew 6:25-34.  With all the uncertainty this year may hold, Jesus told us not to WORRY.  So I choose the peace of leaving the year in our Father’s hands and seek to obey His will daily.

I will end with a prayer request.  Hannah was to leave this morning, but her flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco was cancelled.  Thankfully God had Denise check and saw this problem before she flew to Frankfurt.  The good news is we have an extra day with her.  Please pray that she has no other challenges on her return trip and that she will have many opportunities to share her faith in the process.

Thanks for praying

Ps.  Go Seahawks!!!