Wood Chip

Hopefully this will be the last of the hurried Wood Chips.  I had the privilege today to lead the teachers at the language school in a study of Joseph, what an amazing man and yet just a man.  I posted the handout for the study at thewoodshavings.org.Lessons from Joseph

Here is Sunday’s weekly study guide. May12 WSG

Unpacking is going well, but slowly.  Thanks for your prayers for this continued process of moving.

Sunday is going to be a very busy day.  We will have our normal English time and then I have been asked to preach for the Polish service.  It is Pentecost Sunday so I am finding the topic of the Holy Spirit very challenging.  Most challenging is not wanting to make too much out of the, I believe this is true, truth that Baptist tend to have a diminished view of the Holy Spirit.  We all believe in the Holy Spirit, but almost hide this fact.  We sure don’t talk about the work of the Holy Spirit often and especially in ways we can’t explain.  Please pray with me that I will hear clearly the Lord’s message to be shared.

Other requests:
Lots and lots of planning stuff
A mission team coming the first part of June
Four young ladies coming our way
One team member coming most likely

(Details to come, I promise.)

Thanks for praying.

Ps. My parents returned home safely.  They were able to finish the project.  More info soon.

Wood Chip

It is going to be a very small Shavings, basically a Chip, today.

We are out of the old and into the new (apartments).  Praise the Lord.  The only problem is we now have a bunch of boxes everywhere.  Thanks for your prayers as it all went very smoothly.  Lots of cool details to share that will have to wait for next week.  Please pray for our continued transition including all the government paperwork.  Today we changed or official registration.  Next is updating our visas.  Not sure what will be after that.

Please pray for my parents who are now somewhere in the air returning home.  I was told the water project was done, but maybe a few small kinks to iron out by others.  When I know more I will let you know.

Thanks for praying.

Wood Chip (a short one this week)

I need to keep things short this week, but I have some cool stuff to share.  Saturday two of the ladies from the new church hosted a get-together.  It was awesome and all said we need to do it more often.  In two weeks I hope to have time to write more and post pictures, possibly even video.  Sunday was great as well, but this too must wait.  Today we leave to lead a conference, Thursday I come back to meet Hannah at the airport and get her settled into our apartment of boxes, Friday morning early back to the conference, Saturday afternoon back home, Sunday church, and Monday – Wednesday move.  Lots going on leads to a long run-on sentence, it is how “I roll”.  Hahah

Please infer the prayer requests from the run-on sentence.

Thanks for praying.