Wood Shavings

I am not sure why, but I feel like I was not supposed to write the last few weeks.  There were times when I even sat down to start and it just didn’t happen.  In the past I would feel guilty that I didn’t write, but not this time.  Over the last few years, especially this year, the Lord is teaching me how to be “instep with the spirit”, Galatians 5:25.  I love the feeling of freedom that comes with following Him in this way.

Recently I even tried to identify what I am experiencing and find a metaphor.  It is almost like a drug (not a good connotation), but then the Lord led me to the story of the woman at the well.  Jesus said He could give her water that would end her thirst and “my gift will become a spring in the man himself, welling up into eternal life” John 4:14 (J.B. Phillips).  {Sometimes I like how a paraphrase, like the J.B. Phillips, of the Bible communicates the meaning.}  This “water” welling up in me is amazing.  I could go on an on about this, but I will stop here for now.  Are you experiencing this incredible blessing of Jesus gift?  If not, please write to me.

Last week our organization had our annual meeting.  I love going to camp and these meetings are kind of the same thing for me.  It was a time to worship the Father with colleagues that are more like family, time to network with others and reconnect, and a chance to have some fun.  A key aspect of the meetings for me was networking.  For example the Lord had me sit down with a group of three guys one night for a conversation about creativity in ministry.  Another time was a meal with a leader about a new organizational initiative.  It all added up to a great time with others and the Lord most importantly.

Now we are preparing for another road trip.  Tomorrow we head off for Budapest. We will spend about 10 days enjoying that beautiful city, a good book or two, extra rest, and extended time with the Lord.  I sense this is to be a bit of a spiritual retreat for me.

Please pray for Denise, Hannah and I as we spend the time together.  Please pray for the InterNational Church of Wroclaw (INCW) as they meet without us for the first time.  Pray most that God’s will be done to His glory in everything.

Day camps can be so fun.  Last week was the English language day camp for the Wroclaw Language School.  Four or so hours each day 24 students came to enhance their English.  This is an annual camp and next year I hope a volunteer team will come to join us.  Maybe God is calling you?

Our greatest goal was to be the “salt and light” that Jesus said we are when we are full of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 5:13-16).  I was honored to share each day a spiritual element.  The theme of the camp was music.  As I prayed about what to share I sensed the need to stick with the theme.  Please pray that each of the students considers what was shared and their need for the Savior.  Monday I shared about how amazing it is that music is so universal, by design.  Tuesday they searched the Bible for all the instruments referenced.  Interestingly only one is found in the New Testament.  I encourage you to research this for yourself.  Wednesday was about the highest form of music, Worship.  Thursday was about types of church music, a short history lesson.  Friday they were challenged to evaluate their favorite music to see what they “worship” intentionally or not through their music.

Many special details took place during the week.  Over all there was more of a sense of unity this year.  A key joy for me was watching deeper friendships being established between students and teachers.  Our special activity for the week was bowling.  It was so much fun to watch most of them struggle to play for the first time.  There were also times to teach practical things like speaking other languages, crafts, sports and even hair dressing.  Here is a fun pictures from the hair dressing. FILE0123a

Then a wonderful statement that has sparked a fire in me. Isn’t it amazing how a simple comment can sometimes resonate as something much more profound?  One of the girls at the camp asked if there will be more opportunities to play American football this summer.  Before we could give an answer the girl said with hope – “tomorrow?”  Sadly that was not possible, but it has led me to see the need for more opportunities to gather this summer and summers in the future.  Please pray for wisdom as I seek to learn all the Lord is saying about this opportunity.

It has been nice to take the first part of this week a little more slowly.  But all the projects that have not been getting done are becoming more urgent than ever.  So I better sign off for now to hit another project.  I think next is working on plans for three semester interns coming late next month.

Thanks for your prayers.