Wood Shavings

The last few weeks have been fun and a blur.

For example last week the Lord led us to an amazing apartment for our interns and then our new team member coming in October.  Ideally we needed the apartment for this Monday, but we thought that was unlikely.  But God made it happen in a wonderful way.

When Denise and I needed to move in May we saw a great apartment for rent, but when we tried to see it they had removed the offering.  Well, the apartment came up again and it is the one we rented.  The abbreviated story is that the landlady, recently widowed, was very concerned who would rent.  When we shared, this is normally when things go bad, that we are Protestants she was thrilled.  She was excited that we are here to start new churches.  God made all our complicated needs a non-issue.  God is amazing!

The interns arrived on Monday, basic orientation day, and we moved them in.  After dropping their bags we showed them their local shopping, how to use the public transportation, and lots of other nitty-gritty details.  Tuesday was team-building day.  They had four tasks to accomplish together and a Bible study at the end of the day.  They learned more about the public transpiration, bought cell phone cards for their phones, and toured the city searching for Gnomes.  You must come to go Gnome hunting!  Our daughter met them in the city and took them to the Bible study.  After a long day I took them home and made sure to deal with any loose ends.  Pray they continue to orient well.

They also made two friends on Tuesday.  The first is the helper at the city tourist information center, they invited her to church and made plans to get together in the future.  The second was a man who is an inventor and believes that the earth is the center of the universe.  I couldn’t plan a better orientation to the internship.

Next week many of the students return to school, other than high school and universities.  Wroclaw Language School is starting to test new students this week and for the next two weeks.  We will also be doing planning for the upcoming school year.  Please pray for God’s will to be done.

Thanks for praying.

Vacation return Wood Shavings

We had a great vacation in Budapest last week.  The only real problems were driving so long to get there and back and the heat.  It was so hot that most days we stayed inside until the early evening.  During the day we enjoyed fans (the rotating type, not ones in sports stadiums) blazing as we watched a few seasons of “The Big Bang Theory”.  The best part is it was restful.

One evening we stayed out late to get night pictures.  If you ever come to Europe make sure to plan a night or two in main cities for night pictures.  The buildings are nearly always wonderfully lit, the beautiful and historic ones.  Do these sell you on the idea?  These are all Denise’s shots.

DSC00017 DSC00025The only negative that night was walking through living clouds.   You couldn’t see the clouds in the dark, which got caught in your throat and hair, the gnats!  There were so many it was truly annoying.  But then I noticed something really astonishing.  I was sitting on the embankment and Hannah was taking pictures beside me.  I saw tiny flashes of light when she took a picture.  I finally realized the camera flash was reflecting off of each gnat.  It was so cool that we all watched it about 10 times.  Enjoy a couple more pictures just for fun.

DSC00019 DSC00020Traveling is great, but there is nothing quite like being home.  Even though I am back to lots of logistics and challenges it is good to be back for a while.  Oh, and sleeping in my own bed is a significant factor.  Oh, and it is a bunch cooler in Wroclaw.  We left Budapest when it was about 100 F and before we even got to the Polish border with Czech Republic it was in the 60s F.  Thankfully it has warmed up a bit again.

One of the logistics, many of them actually, are related to people coming to serve with us this year.  We are super excited about them coming.  By the end of the month three new short-term team members will arrive.  Then the first week of October we receive a long-term team member.  Please pray for our search for the apartment God has chosen for our new team members.  Pray also for wisdom as we seek to understand God’s will for the short-termers need for visas.  American’s can live in our part of Europe for 90 days without a visa.  The short-termers are slated to be here just under 120 days.

Things are going well with the InterNational Church of Wroclaw.  Summer means vacations and traveling for many of our attenders.  Please pray for God’s will in all aspects of the new church including future planning.

Thanks for praying.