The Wood Shavings

Happy Thanksgiving

Isn’t it interesting what things go undone when you get busy.  Too often the things that are needed most, that aren’t the immediate, fall by the wayside.  So is the state of thewoodshavings.  I am not so convinced the greatest value of this blog is keeping you informed.  I am confident the greatest value is my being reminded of all that God is doing in an around me when I stop to reflect and write.  This is a thought to ponder – when I have more free time.

We are extra “thankful” this year.  We already had one meal for Thanksgiving two Friday’s ago.  This first one was at the language school as an outreach to the students.  Thanksgiving is a great way to introduce an American cultural event that is based on biblical principles.  This Thursday we will have our second meal with our team minus one.  Please be praying for the, minus one, who is traveling to Warsaw tomorrow to be with others for the holiday.  The third meal will be on Saturday with the InterNational Church of Wroclaw (INCW).  Yea, lots of yummy food.  Related prayer requests are for these meals to be times of genuine thanks to the Lord for His provision.  On the lighter side, pray I don’t eat too much.

Wow, lots to update and I can’t remember how much I shared in the past and I don’t feel like reading previous posts.  Yea, a bit under motivated to read my own writing.  Here goes a shot at an update.

We had a missions team come from Vienna two weekends ago.  They modeled for us and led us to understand the benefits of having Bible studies in cafes or any appropriate public spaces.  In six years they have seen many godly benefits from making the extra effort to be “in the world” when they gather.  Each Bible study they conduct they pray out loud, open Bibles in public, and spend hours in spiritual conversations with the Lord and between themselves.  I am confident one of our Bible studies will shift to a cafe every week.  My prayer, please join me, is that many more of these Bible studies will start in the future.  I encourage you to take a Bible study you participate in out into the wilds of the world.  Or better yet, start a new Bible study in a cafe.  Let me know if you want more info about the idea.

I shared about the Thanksgiving at the language school already.  Other activities are our weekly conversation times on Friday’s.  These meetings are going very well so please pray they continue to expand.  This year we added an extra hour twice a month for crafts, sports, or some kind of activity.  Then we have the conversation hour.  Then the third hour, also twice a month, I have been offering an intentionally spiritually focused time.

Also at the language school is the upcoming Christmas Carol Concert.  This is an annual event that is well attended.  Pray for all who will be singing.  Pray also for Pat who will be sharing the message this year.  I will give you more about this as the event draws nearer.

INCW is going wonderfully.  Two weeks ago we had a huge group, 45 (huge for us), which did include the Vienna team of six.  But even then not everyone was able to attend.  God has started to send us students more and more.  Pray that Denise and I and the other leaders will be faithful to make disciples with each one God sends.  December we will observe Advent and we cherish your prayers as this is our first Christmas together.

This past Sunday INCW led two songs at the beginning of the Polish service at 1st Baptist.  Here is a picture taken from a cell phone that gives you a little idea of our group.  It was such a joy to be part of this group.  We were from; Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Canary Islands, Ghana, Poland, and the USA.

Sharing our worship with the Polish church.

Sharing our worship with the Polish church.

Denise and I are doing well in general.  To some extent we are so excited about all that God is doing, anything else is not worth mentioning.  Please do pray for our residency papers for Poland, they are stuck in the final stage of minute details.

Thanks for praying as we cherish your prayers.