Importance of 1 Degree

Lets imagine you went to a big sporting event by car.   You parked with the thousands of people in a huge parking lot. The game ends (in your team’s favor of course) and you begin the process of returning to your car. If you know exactly what direction to walk from the correct exit you will find your car. What happens if you are 1 degree angle or more off of the exact direction?

I know not everyone likes math problems, but if you want to find your car and get home after the game then we need to do a little math. In order to make the calculations we need to establish a few facts. Thankfully this is a hypothetical example and we can choose easy numbers. The car is 100 yards from the stadium exit. The exact direction is 0 degrees.

So if you walk 0 degrees for 100 yards, you will literally bump into the car. Have you ever walked perfectly straight in a parking lot to your car? It is impossible.

What happens if you are 10 degrees off of the perfect direction? Walk 100 yards just 10 degree angle off of perfect and you will be over 17 yards (more than 52 feet) from your car, and you don’t know which direction in the dark. Lets try to find your car.

Parking spaces are about (Wikipedia) 16 feet long. In the end you are three parking spaces from your car and thankfully you can probably find it from this distance.

Now lets make it more personal. You attend a huge conference hall with your 6th grader. You leave them at a booth to go to the bathroom 200 feet away. If you are just ten degrees off in your return, you will miss finding your child by 35 feet. Only one degree off and you are still 3 and a half feet off the mark.

What about something that is one mile away? One degree off at this distance and you are over 92 feet from your goal.

Have I convinced you that one degree can be really significant? Next time we will apply this to our spiritual lives. I think you will find this is really important, important enough to change your life.