What were they thinking!

Since 1999 I have been learning languages. A somewhat humerus detail about me is that I am the guy that said after graduating from college, out-loud, “I am done studying forever”. Yes, God has a sense of humor.

Since graduating from college, a miracle and or mercy on the part of the university, I have earned a Masters of Divinity (also a miracle) as well as study two languages. So, what does this have to do with the “they” in my title? I am so glad you wondered.

What were the people of Bable thinking? Ok, when we read Genesis 11:1-9 we get an idea of what they were thinking, but only a limited one for sure. Here is my “hang-up” with them, now we have 100s of languages to learn because of their choices.

To be honest I just read the passage again with a less self-oriented perspective. I really want to blame the people of Bable for my need to study Polish today. But it sure doesn’t really sound like it is mostly their fault. Bummer, I can’t blame them. I can’t blame God, He is perfect. All I have left is to quit griping and get to studying.

The passage makes it clear that God chose to confuse them and not necessarily that they had some kind of evil plot or plan. It is not clear to me if verse 4 is hinting at a bigger issue that God only knew. What seems ironic is that the very thing they thought would keep them from getting spread over the earth – got them spread all over the earth.

So, there ya go, one more blog added to the millions with little meaningfulness. I will end this blog with little to no conclusion and or purpose. This is partially true because I need to close the computer and pull out my flash cards with Polish vocabulary.

Na razie.

On a roll?

I am in general a terrible speller, in any language. In high school my teachers must have shown me my mistakes, but were not able to help me discover my unique challenges in this area.

In college, yes surprisingly they did let me into college, I was nearing graduation and found I had an English requirement that was incomplete. It ended up being a spelling test. By this time Denise had helped me improve a little in spelling. I took the test and went went to an office to receive my results.

The big concern was that a bad score would mean more classes, delaying graduation. I was quite nervous when I went for my appointment. The office worker looked at my score and their first indication was not encouraging. It was clear my results were not so good, as I had expected.

The office worker gathered some paperwork and asked what was my teaching emphasis. I asked them to repeat the question, something was wrong. My answer was that I was an engineering student.

The officer worker immediately changed demeanor. When before I could tell they didn’t want to give me all the bad news, now they were happy. They said that my scores were not good enough for a teacher, but as an engineer I had passed. I asked why the difference in criteria. They explained that a teacher must write correctly on a board to teach students. An engineer will have some kind of a secretary to “clean-up” spelling errors.

I was so relieved and not nearly as concerned as I should have been about my spelling inability.

Well, things have improved immensely since that event nearing 30 years ago. Denise helped me spell better, but one “thing” had honestly helped to improve my spelling – the spelling checker. What you don’t know is that so far in this post I have used the spell checker about 10 times.

I believe spell checker is helpful due to the immediate feedback it provides. When I mispell (literal example though you may not see the red underline) I see the error underlined in red. Since I see that I misspelled, misspell, I know that I need to rethink this word. I have learned to take a moment or two to ascertain my error, if possible, before getting the program to help me with the correct spelling.

Why is all this significant? Why did I write this post? No real reason, I just felt like this was what I wanted to write.

It all started with the title of this blog. I looked at the spelling of the word – roll – and realized that this may not be the right spelling. I think this is the correct spelling for the specific shape of bread, but I also think it is what we do when we move a huge rock, or play Rock & Roll.

I am confident you know that there are other ways to spell, roll. Here is how for decades I have managed to “creatively spell”; role, roal, rol. I was confident the last two examples are not real word, but do you see my dilemma (I just asked for help spelling that word). Too many options.

My rambling is done. Now I will send this off into the “cloud” of computing and hope that very few people ever read this post. (Insert smile or grimace.)

Two in a row.

Don’t “they” say that repeating something two times is the beginning of a habit? If not, “they” should. I guess it really depends on two becoming three, and ultimately the activity becomes routine or a habit. (I am babbling about a second post in a row starting this year.)

Yes, my plan is to continue to be totally random for a while and write what comes to mind. Maybe this is stating the obvious, but that can be a good thing.

Speaking of habits. They can be good as well as bad. Doesn’t it seem like the word has taken almost a totally negative connotation? Maybe there is a better word for the positive things we do that are essentially automatic. I guess routine may be a better word than a positive habit. What do you think?

Isn’t it, as you can see I think it is, interesting how the meaning of words changes. Here are a few examples that I believe need a “rediscovery”; Christian, church, and love. I hope this year to explore some of these words and work to rediscover their meaning. The result may be that new words are required for the original purpose, but that is to be explored.

Back to habits. I want to be nearly habitual in my spiritual disciplines. Please don’t jump to the conclusion that this means ritualistic or religious. (Religious is another word to explore.)

I believe that one of the best expressions of spiritual discipline is habitual. By this I mean making spiritual disciplines an absolutely inviolable part of my daily life. That literally the very first thing I do each morning without fail is to consciously talk with the Lord. Not limited to that I “must” be faithful in this, but that I “get to be” faithful in response to what God has done and is doing in me.

I believe intentionally giving up lordship to my life after saying good morning and thanking Him generally for another day to breath and live is spiritually essential. In other words choosing to reject lordship of my own life that day by giving it up so that He will literally be my Lord and Master.

Following the potentially meaningless declaration of lordship is action. I find the tougher part of this essential process is truly giving up my life and obediently doing God’s will the next moment and the rest of the day. It is easy to say I am going to “die to myself” (Galatians 2:19-20) and then at the end of the day realized I never even opened God’s word or really asked what I was to do that day.

Last week I was helping a guy prepare the sermon for Sunday. It was wonderful to hear him seek a deeper understanding, as am I, of what it means to live James 2:14-26. Faith in action – what does that really look like every day? It looks literally like Jesus life! I believe it is also God’s desire that others see me and get a better than pathetic perspective of obedience to God’s will daily.

Paul was bold to state it this way in 1 Corinthians 11:1. “Be imitators of me, as I also am of Christ.” (Berean Literal Translation). Isn’t that to be the living statement, in word and deed, of every person who calls themselves a Christian?

Ok, enough for now minus one more thing.

Praise the Lord for His amazing, perfect, limitless, and relentless grace.

A new year, a new opportunity

Well, I see I literally missed a whole year of posting. That is not so good, but I am not surprised. Here is a year in review (and a little farther back).

About the time I last posted, it became very clear that our (Denise and I) ministry focus was to change. We had been trying to change it since the previous year, but to no avail.

A quick detail. God planted the InterNational Church of Wroclaw (INCW) through Denise and I. Palm Sunday 2013 was our first Celebration Service. January 3rd, today, I ended officially as founding pastor of the INCW. A new leader began today.

Back to the timeline.

All of 2017 it has been a series of: solving problems, waiting for decisions, new problems arising, solving those problems, waiting some more, and only to have new ones crop up. Month after month the overall process drug along until today.

Literally, today, our ministry focus in Wroclaw, Poland has changed. You might be wondering how Scott feels about the change. I am glad you wondered.

It is very much the right time. Praise the Lord the INCW has grown and God has provided some talented future servant leaders. Praise the Lord that He removed all the obstacles for the new leader to take over. Praise the Lord for it all.

This year starts a ministry focus for Denise and I on university students. I am so ready for the change.

So, enough rambling for my first post in literally years. Thankfully it is likely that nobody else will ever read this post. Yet I feel it is significant as it gets me back in the “saddle” again.