A new year, a new opportunity

Well, I see I literally missed a whole year of posting. That is not so good, but I am not surprised. Here is a year in review (and a little farther back).

About the time I last posted, it became very clear that our (Denise and I) ministry focus was to change. We had been trying to change it since the previous year, but to no avail.

A quick detail. God planted the InterNational Church of Wroclaw (INCW) through Denise and I. Palm Sunday 2013 was our first Celebration Service. January 3rd, today, I ended officially as founding pastor of the INCW. A new leader began today.

Back to the timeline.

All of 2017 it has been a series of: solving problems, waiting for decisions, new problems arising, solving those problems, waiting some more, and only to have new ones crop up. Month after month the overall process drug along until today.

Literally, today, our ministry focus in Wroclaw, Poland has changed. You might be wondering how Scott feels about the change. I am glad you wondered.

It is very much the right time. Praise the Lord the INCW has grown and God has provided some talented future servant leaders. Praise the Lord that He removed all the obstacles for the new leader to take over. Praise the Lord for it all.

This year starts a ministry focus for Denise and I on university students. I am so ready for the change.

So, enough rambling for my first post in literally years. Thankfully it is likely that nobody else will ever read this post. Yet I feel it is significant as it gets me back in the “saddle” again.