On a roll?

I am in general a terrible speller, in any language. In high school my teachers must have shown me my mistakes, but were not able to help me discover my unique challenges in this area.

In college, yes surprisingly they did let me into college, I was nearing graduation and found I had an English requirement that was incomplete. It ended up being a spelling test. By this time Denise had helped me improve a little in spelling. I took the test and went went to an office to receive my results.

The big concern was that a bad score would mean more classes, delaying graduation. I was quite nervous when I went for my appointment. The office worker looked at my score and their first indication was not encouraging. It was clear my results were not so good, as I had expected.

The office worker gathered some paperwork and asked what was my teaching emphasis. I asked them to repeat the question, something was wrong. My answer was that I was an engineering student.

The officer worker immediately changed demeanor. When before I could tell they didn’t want to give me all the bad news, now they were happy. They said that my scores were not good enough for a teacher, but as an engineer I had passed. I asked why the difference in criteria. They explained that a teacher must write correctly on a board to teach students. An engineer will have some kind of a secretary to “clean-up” spelling errors.

I was so relieved and not nearly as concerned as I should have been about my spelling inability.

Well, things have improved immensely since that event nearing 30 years ago. Denise helped me spell better, but one “thing” had honestly helped to improve my spelling – the spelling checker. What you don’t know is that so far in this post I have used the spell checker about 10 times.

I believe spell checker is helpful due to the immediate feedback it provides. When I mispell (literal example though you may not see the red underline) I see the error underlined in red. Since I see that I misspelled, misspell, I know that I need to rethink this word. I have learned to take a moment or two to ascertain my error, if possible, before getting the program to help me with the correct spelling.

Why is all this significant? Why did I write this post? No real reason, I just felt like this was what I wanted to write.

It all started with the title of this blog. I looked at the spelling of the word – roll – and realized that this may not be the right spelling. I think this is the correct spelling for the specific shape of bread, but I also think it is what we do when we move a huge rock, or play Rock & Roll.

I am confident you know that there are other ways to spell, roll. Here is how for decades I have managed to “creatively spell”; role, roal, rol. I was confident the last two examples are not real word, but do you see my dilemma (I just asked for help spelling that word). Too many options.

My rambling is done. Now I will send this off into the “cloud” of computing and hope that very few people ever read this post. (Insert smile or grimace.)