What were they thinking!

Since 1999 I have been learning languages. A somewhat humerus detail about me is that I am the guy that said after graduating from college, out-loud, “I am done studying forever”. Yes, God has a sense of humor.

Since graduating from college, a miracle and or mercy on the part of the university, I have earned a Masters of Divinity (also a miracle) as well as study two languages. So, what does this have to do with the “they” in my title? I am so glad you wondered.

What were the people of Bable thinking? Ok, when we read Genesis 11:1-9 we get an idea of what they were thinking, but only a limited one for sure. Here is my “hang-up” with them, now we have 100s of languages to learn because of their choices.

To be honest I just read the passage again with a less self-oriented perspective. I really want to blame the people of Bable for my need to study Polish today. But it sure doesn’t really sound like it is mostly their fault. Bummer, I can’t blame them. I can’t blame God, He is perfect. All I have left is to quit griping and get to studying.

The passage makes it clear that God chose to confuse them and not necessarily that they had some kind of evil plot or plan. It is not clear to me if verse 4 is hinting at a bigger issue that God only knew. What seems ironic is that the very thing they thought would keep them from getting spread over the earth – got them spread all over the earth.

So, there ya go, one more blog added to the millions with little meaningfulness. I will end this blog with little to no conclusion and or purpose. This is partially true because I need to close the computer and pull out my flash cards with Polish vocabulary.

Na razie.