Call it what it is.

Last week was Valentine’s Day, even in Poland.  This holiday, if you can call it that, continues to spread around the world.  You might have detected, I have a concern.

It seemed like nearly everything from popup windows on my computer browser, store decorations, to billboards were selling the day of “love” – or were they?  It seemed to me they were all selling lust.

Ok, so I am trying to make a point.  Lust is a strong word and may not best define what is being sold on Valentine’s Day.  Romantic love may be more accurate, but since most couples (I don’t have data to support this statement) who celebrated Valentine’s Day were not married, this may make my point.

Valentine’s Day is focusing on only one way we use the word love.  Sadly, I believe, the word love has lost nearly all of its true value as it is used too unintentionally.  I can love bicycles (which is almost true), certain types of food, clothes, animals, and just about anything.  I can also love my wife, my family, and my friends.  So in the end I describe my relationship with bicycles the same way as I do my wife?  Do I truly love them both?

I am no Greek language scholar and I don’t want to bog-down this blog, but I have grown to appreciate that there were four words at the time of the Bible we too often translate as love.  In the Bible the word nearly always translated love is – agape.  This is the truest definition of love.

I suggest using to assist your deeper research into the four words for love.

Briefly, one word for love describes the bond between family members.  A second is used between true friends.  The third is “Valentine’s Day” love which is a perfectly wonderful word to describe the exclusive relationship between people in a romantic relationship.  The “type” of love nearly always described in the Bible is the one modeled by God.  (I turn it over to you to research the love God modeled for us, agape.)

What is my point in the blog?  I am glad you asked.

Valentine’s Day is not a day to celebrate love.  It is a day to celebrate the wonderful and amazing relationship God has created between one man and one woman.  It is a day to celebrate romance and the “gushy” feelings we have for either the person we are considering as our life-long spouse, or is our life-long spouse.   It is also a day to enjoy the incredible union God designed for a married couple, but this is not the greatest form of love because it has another name.

Valentine’s Day is the day of: physical attraction, romance, and only in marriage physical intimacy.  True LOVE is much greater than all of these combined.  God modeled this love by sending His beloved Son to be the Savior of all mankind.

The greatest form of love is not received, it is given!

BTY, true love is a vital part of a Godly and growing relationship between one man and one woman and it is to be given sacrificially to the other every single day.