Significance of “dwelling” well. Part 1 of ? ( I really don’t know.)

Over the last six years as a church-planting pastor I have learned so much about just about everything.  Maybe mostly I have learned how little I know, how much I still have to learn, and how slow I am at the deeper processes of learning.  (I am fighting the urge to explore the last statement, but will leave that for future posts).  Literally the Lord continues to “renew” (Romans 12:2), redefine, my understanding of all things spiritual.  (Again, a whole can-of-topics for me are being put on my writing shelf regarding the last sentence.)

The lesson I want to try to focus on with this blog is dwelling.

I love bicycles, cars, and just about any mechanical device.  God made me an engineer and later called me to ministry.

One day in Moscow, Russia my attention became fixed on one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing machines I have ever seen – a Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle.  Though I grew up in a family that vilified, too dangerous, motorcycles other than for off-road use, I could not quit looking at this motorcycle.

At first glance I was in awe.  At second glance I began to notice the machine and it’s details.  For the next minutes, I could have stared at it for an hour, I was drawn deeper and deeper into it’s clutches (pun not intended).  I was hooked and for the first time in my life considered buying a street motorcycle.  Even today if I were to seriously consider buying a street bike, it would be a V-Rod.

How did the V-Rod become my standard for a street motorcycle?  Good question you ask, but that is not the right question, sorry.

I believe the more important question is how does dwelling on something affect us spiritually?  The motorcycle is just a beautiful machine to me, but it could have become much more and here-in lies the danger or the benefit.

What we dwell on either leads to benefits or dangers.

Now that I hope I have your attention, stay “tuned” for the next part.