Significance of “dwelling” well. Part 3

Finally, I am getting to one of the lessons I believe I am learning about dwelling.  Our first impression, feeling, or reaction to anything and everything is the first “opportunity”. 

Lesson 1:  Everything starts as an opportunity.

I just spent a lot of time asking the Lord in prayer what this first – lesson – really is.  To be transparent,  I had no clarity at the beginning of writing that dwelling is related to a series of opportunities.  This is an exciting new insight for me and I hope you will see for you as well. 

I believe opportunity is the better, but maybe still not the best, term because that is what we have in the Lord.  I believe opportunity describes well the situation at the very begging of everything. 

Ok, here is your first opportunity of this blog post.  What situations do not start as opportunities?  I honestly can’t think of any at this moment and I would like your input.

The reason I believe this idea of opportunity is so important is because the next step sets in motion how we proceed.  I believe we can nearly always stop and change “directions”, but in general how we start leads to how we continue.  Too often we only stop when damage had been done. 

I am confident most of us would agree with what I just shared, but I don’t believe we realize the significance of this truth. 

Let’s use the example of every day as a new beginning.  Regardless of our first thought in the morning: a busy day, did the alarm go off on time, what is that screaming, what is that pain, etc., we begin the day with opportunity. 

I believe too often we don’t respond to the first opportunity each day with purpose.  If we realized that everything begins with opportunity we will be more intentional with our next step in everything, every day.

Here is my concern.  If I don’t grow to realize each beginning is important, then we lose the change to begin well.  If we begin well, we will tend to “dwell” well.  If we begin poorly, …

So, what can we do?  We have only one limitless option – ask the Lord to teach us this lesson.  Imagine being able to respond well to every opportunity, every beginning.  Imagine being able to dwell on what is good and true, on the Lord.  I pray now for you Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians – Ephesians 3:14-21. 

Let’s learn to dwell well in response to every opportunity. 

(Please don’t hesitate to comment, I want to hear anything including constructive criticism.)