Opportunity leads to decision

The more I explore this idea of dwelling, the more aspects and details I learn are part of the whole process.  Last time, I encourage you to read it if you haven’t yet, I challenged us to recognize that at the beginning of anything and everything we have an opportunity.

I believe embarrassing the idea of opportunity is essential because  – opportunity leads to decision.

Let me see if I can explain what I mean.

Have you ever considered if you live passively most of the time?  Think about most days.  Do you typically live by routine, go with the flow, and or let circumstances or others make decisions for you?  You might ask me, what is the problem with living this way, I am glad you asked.

Let’s go back to the example, I used this last time as well, of starting each day.  If we start passively, without intention, we nearly always start without Jesus.  I know this true for me because it is how I lived my first 40 or so years.  How about you?

Living passively is living without conscious decision, unintentionally.

I believe failing to start nearly every day in prayer and Bible study, leads to a passive life.  In a way it is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Live without intentionality leads to living passively.  Living passively leads to leaving our relationship with God out of our daily life.  Leaving God out of our life is a passive life.

Making the most of every opportunity leads to, when Jesus is our Lord, dwelling well.

I am not suggesting that God wants us to be decisive leader type people all the time, but I do believe He wants us to live purposeful lives.  If we are letting circumstances or others make most of the decisions for us, then it is unlikely we are living spiritually faithful lives.  Yea, this is a strong statement.

Isn’t it time to dwell well – live intentionally/obediently to God’s will?